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    exportData in datasource with transformRequest

    is it possible to use the exportData (csv / xls) function with a datasource (in listgrid) that overwrites transformRequest and is implemented in Java (doesn't use a ds.xml file), or in this case only exportClientData works?
    So far I can't download a file despite exportResults = true?

    Best Regards

    exportData() exports data with a server-initiated request and the result never reaches the client except as a file, after export. So transformRequest() will not work to modify such an export, you need to have a server-side DMI instead.

    transformRequest() would also not work for listGrid.exportClientData() from a grid. The data is delivered in an undocumented format that includes metadata about field types, underlying values vs formatted value, etc.

    You can however do formatting and then pass data to DataSource.exportClientData().