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    Issues with SmartGWT when configuring Google Analytics

    Hi there,

    I have my application built in SmartGWT with Google Analytics configured. All the events are getting tracked but some of clicks are not getting recorded.
    Full scenario.
    Case 1:
    I have a button on which i have click handler which produces some results on UI.
    display.getMyButton().addClickHandler(clickEvent -> {
    This works fine and my google analytics is recording the fired event.

    Case 2:
    I have an another button which fires a backend query to fetch results and i use event bus here,
    clickEvent -> eventBus.fireEvent(new ShowProductCatalogEvent(AppConstant.GUIDE_ME, null, null, null)));

    This isn't working , no clicks are getting recognized by Google Analytics.

    I have set up both the tags and triggers in a same way in Google Tag Manager. Can you tell my why case 1 is working while second case isn't
    and Please provide me a solution to resolve this.


    We're not sure why you've posted this here - Google Analytics is not our product and we don't provide support for it.

    If you can show that SmartGWT is misbehaving in some way - like an event handler is not firing as expected - we can help with that. But once your have called Google Analytics libraries and some problem happens after that, you should be seeking help from the Google Analytics product team, not from Isomorphic.