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    UI component rendering in different types of screens

    I'm facing an issue with rendering the UI on different types of screens (Screens with different resolutions / different pixel density).
    for example an IButton with a height of 5opx will be rendered nicely on a mac book pro (high resolution, high pixel density) and the same button will be renderd differently (bigger and bloated) on a windows screen with a lower pixel density.
    what is the solution for this ? kindly advice.

    CSS pixels are actually a resolution-independent concept, defined in terms of the human visual field and not dependent on device resolution.

    If you have a machine that is rendering web content small, then it has been set up that way, and is rendering everything small (eg OS controls), so presumably that's what the user wants.

    However, if you like, you can offer Density options to your end users, similar to our Showcases, using Canvas.resizeControls().