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    SmartGWT Server Logs src code


    I use the SmartGWT Console, "Server Logs" tab (Tomcat logs), and would like to include a view of this directly in my app, additionally to the SmartGWT console. Where can I find the source code of this? Is this part of the open source part or from the enterprise ?

    Using SmartGWT 6.1p Power

    Hi edulid,

    this is pretty sure a bad idea (if not protected properly), but see here. I assume you could build a DataSource DMI that calls this method and returns the result as data.

    Best regards


      Hi Blama ,
      thanks for your answer. As we are only thinking of allowing this for super users, this will not compromise normal users.

      is the source code of the method available? Is this part of the open source ?


        No idea, that’s to answer for
        Isomorphic to answer


          This part of the code is not open source, but the API Blama pointed out should work for your purposes.

          Just to be clear (for you and for others maybe reading this thread): if you create a feature in your application where a user needs to directly use SmartGWT logs or use the Developer Console to troubleshoot it, then that person is considered a developer and needs to be licensed.

          If you make a feature in your app where the users of it have no idea that it's SmartGWT under the covers, and never need to look at our diagnostics or tools or API doc, then no matter how powerful that feature is (eg it might allow you to build new screens), you are fine - the users do not need to be licensed developers.


            Hi Isomorphic
            thanks for the answer and for this information.