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    Calendar Issue

    while using smartGWT version 12.1-p20201118 calendar, there are 2 issues we are facing.
    1. when calendar is at dec 2020, then both nextMonth and nextYear arrows are disabled. FYI no property has been set which can cause this issue
    2. When month in Nov 2020, then nextMonth is active but nextMonth is disabled.
      While inspecting the element, below is the element details for nextMonth we can check that class is dateChooserNavButtonDisabled

      So we are not getting idea about what is causing this issue. Need assistance in this. Thanks in advance.
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    This is a result of the default DateChooser.endYear being set to 2020. You can update it via Calendar.setAutoChildProperties("dateChooser", props), or globally via DateChooser.setDefaultProperties(props).

    Or, you can update to a build dated November 29 or later, where the defaults for DateChooser.startYear and endYear have already been changed.