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    svg images in skin

    Noob question, but a fast one - say i want to replace add.png in a skin with add.svg (and add_Disabled.svg etc). Is this possible? Can i do it out-of-the-box or do i have to specify the links manually when i for example create a schedule Timeline? Can't seem to find info about this. Pointers appreciated.

    Hi mathias,

    see ImgButton.src and change this via AutoChild Calendar.addEventButton. If you want this for all Timelines, use load_skin.js. In SmartGWT there is also setDefaultProperties(), if you want to do this in your application rather than load_skin.js. I don't know how this is done in SmartClient.

    Best regards


      Ah, this is SmartGWT. See this method Timeline.setDefaultProperties(). I call all these on startup before any widgets are created for all my appplication-wide changes.


        We use custom buttons, toolstrips, img everywhere, that's not a problem.
        This was more for those places where smartgwt automatically picks images if you see what i mean. For example, we might want to switch out DateChooser "arrow_left.png" and "arrow_right.png", ListGrid's "sort_ascending.png "or the Dialog folder's "ask.png" with svg files instead.

        Blama, thanks. Yeah load_skin is perhaps the best place, will try and figure out how to do that... If this is too cumbersome i suppose we'll go back to png