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    Problem with TimeItem in form, Tahoe skin

    Hi, just downloaded 13.0p-210303 and have tried on that version:

    If i create a form with one datetimeitem and one timeitem like this:
    FormItem test1 = new DateTimeItem("test1", "DateTime field");
    FormItem test2 = new TimeItem("test2", "Time field");
    form.setDataSource(ds, test1, test2);
    It looks like this:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 12.11.54.png
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    i.e. the timefield is narrower. It doesn't look so good. It does not behave like this in 12. Am i doing something wrong?

    No, that looks like a regression, probably resulting from recent works on the skinning system.

    We'll take a look and update here when it's been addressed.


      Having tested this using the information we have, we're not seeing a problem - so, it's presumably a result of other settings on your form (you must have set titleOrientation: top on the form, for example), or your dataSource.

      If you can show more complete code that demonstrates the problem, we can take another look.


        Yeah, found a skin thing i had missed. Apologies.