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    TileGrid can reorder tiles

    Hi there,

    I searched the forum and the docs but could not find some answers regarding tile reordering in a TileGrid...

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get the index of the drop location for a tile when canReorderTiles() is activated? By enabling tile reorder the changes are made just on the component underlying result set... But what if we want to catch the event and use the the drop index to actually make changes within the datasource?

    Also, can the graphical hint of the new possible location (in case of a drop) be customised? And if yes, how?

    It seems that a certain part of the discussion was removed probably because of the attack on your servers. Anyway I can confirm that the changes made to version 13 regarding the sort method and the tile drop index work just fine.

    Regarding getDragLine() and the AutoChildren mechanism this solves the graphical hint indicator to a certain extent. But the hint appears like a vertical separator between the tiles (in the left part of the tile), which is fine generally, but in the case of a tile grid with just one tile per row (like one column) it would be more intuitive if the separator would appear like a horizontal line/canvas (above/bellow the tile). I hope I make myself understood... What can be done in this case?
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      In the docs for TileGrid.getDropIndex(), we reference the new API TileGrid.transformTileRect(), which assists you in managing your own drop indicator widget. See the sample code in that method's documentation.

      Note that this is a SGWT 13.0d feature only, at the moment.


        Thank you! That was exactly what I needed.