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    Why are so many images removed from latest 13d skins?

    Recently upgraded from a january to april build of 13d. I looked att Tahoe/Stratus and noticed that tons of images have been removed. For example lots in /button, /Listgrid, /SectionHeader, /shared/shadows etc.

    Several seem to be related to stretch. Is there some documentation regarding what is supported that i've missed? Pointers appreciated!

    The Flat series of skins don't, or shouldn't, be using any of those old images, particularly not stretch/slice images, because these are CSS3 skins, and most of that work is now done in CSS.

    So, support hasn't changed, you just don't need those images in these skins.

    If you spot images we've removed in error, please let us know. Otherwise, this backcompat note from the checkin describes the details:

    Removed many of the images from the /images folders of modern skins, because they aren't used.  If this causes problems (because perhaps #1, you still need IE8 support or #2, you had set some non-default settings that degrade performance, such as forcing tabs to use image slices (TabSet.useSimpleTabs:false) or forcing media-based shadows (see useCSSShadow:false and shadowImage)), the images can simply be download from a previous release
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      Right thanks. I did not know i could view those notes, can you let me know where are they publicly available?


        Hi mathias,

        I think in general it should be here. But as the version of that page is 2021-04-06 (via isc.version in the console), perhaps your change is not in there, yet(?).
        "Removed many of the images" did not give a hit for me.

        Best regards


          The changes log is something we sanitize and update periodically, and it hasn't been done for a while.

          We'll get to it this week and let you know when it's been refreshed.