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    Unable to display the amount as per French Format

    Hi Team,

    We have a requirement to display the amount as French Format. Ex: 25,000.00 amount should be display as 25 000 (Comma should be replaced with a SPACE(25<space>000))

    We have tried below format in DS file. Tested with locale as “fr” and “fr_CA”, but the result is not as expected,
    type="localeFloat" format=",##0.00"
    type="localeFloat" format="#,##0.##"
    type="localeFloat" format="#,##0.###"

    Tried approach: Sample from datasource xml file,

    <field name="total_amount" type="localeFloat" customSQL="true" format=",##0.00"> </field>
    <field name="total_amount" type="float" customSQL="true" format=",##0.00"> </field>

    Please help us to resolve this issue, we need an urgent fix for this.

    Thanks & Regards,

    "originally posted by solomon123 "

    Hi Solomon, if you need urgent fixes, you should definitely purchase support.

    In the meantime, let us know the specific way in which the result was “not as expected”.

    Also, check what value was delivered to the browser: you have customSQL=true, so you should check whether you have delivered an actual number or just a string (in the latter case, format does nothing, of course).