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    Load skin exception while trying on smartGWT 13.0 ( 13.0d.2021-03-31)

    I am trying to upgrade our projects from smartGWT 12.1 to smartGWT13.0 (13.0d-2021-03-31). And facing an exception while loading the app in the browser. The exception I see is getting thrown from load_skin.js. I have attached the screenshot from the load_skin.js and the log details.

    Is this problem documented anywhere? How should I resolve this?
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    This could be caused by loading a 13.0 load_skin.js file against either the 12.1 version of the framework, or against a 13.0 build that is older than the skin file used, so start by verifying the files being loaded are really the same version.


      We had a quick look into this - the problem is that the internal names of our builtin stock-icons have changed in 13.0, as part of other enhancements; they now have their group as a prefix, in this case, "Header_Arrow_Down" rather than just "Arrow_Down".

      We've made a change to fix this backcompat issue for tomorrow's builds. Please retest with a build dated June 4 or later.