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    Getting Validating Popup


    I am facing an issue where the customers intermittently get the "Validating" popup when trying to do some modification in grid and does not go away for more than 5mins

    There is only one validation added in the SQL datasource.

    <field name="name" type="text" length="100" required="true">
    <validator type="isUnique" criteriaFields="project_id">
    <fmt:message key="nameMustBeUnique"/>

    When this happens, there is no actual call that happens in the isc.showConsole(). When the call actually happens, then no popup appears.

    There is one error that gets printed in the browser console. But this also happens only a few times.
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    Last edited by paggarwal; 2 Jun 2021, 06:31.

    Are you saying that the "Validating" popup actually does go away after 5 minutes, or are you saying you waited 5 minutes and it was still there, that is, you've never seen it go away.

    The isUnique validator will conditionally make a server call - see the docs for it under ValidatorType - so you would expect it to happen if the grid's cache was not complete (data paging active).

    As far as why there is an error: you have somehow inserted a non-serializable object into the data that needs to go to the server. It's something inside an ArrayList, maybe a Java POJO or similar object that GWT can't serialize. You may have created this problem by:

    1. sticking objects into editValues

    2. hanging them as custom attributes on a Record

    3. adding them dynamically to the data in something like DataSource.transformRequest

    4. configuring them in requestProperties that would be sent with isUnique

    If you can reproduce the crash, you should be able to add a DataSource.transformRequest implementation where you can drop into a debugger and look carefully over the entire dsRequest to find the unconvertible object.