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    TileGrid roll over canvas moving on scroll?

    Hello, I am using a rollOverCanvas mechanism for TileGrid similar to the one of ListGrid. Everything works fine but when a scroll bar appears on the parent component that contains the TileGrid the rollOverCanvas shifts to another location and I do not understand why.

    I have attached a test case. If you double click on a Tile, an empty layout is made visible which in turn determines a scrollbar to appear bellow the TileGrid and the rollOverCanvas that was previously above the selected Tile, shifts to the middle of the TileGrid. This behaviour happens only when a scrollbar appears or disappears while having the mouse over the tile.

    SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v13.0d_2021-06-04/LGPL Development Only (built 2021-06-04)
    Version 1.24.56 Chromium: 90.0.4430.51 (Official Build) dev (x86_64)
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    You've set snapTo("R") on the rollOver Canvas, which means it will snap to the right edge of it's container. You are also (invalidly) trying to manually control it's position.

    So basically the rollOver Canvas places itself via snapTo("R"), you override that with placeNextTo(), but then the next time to snapTo setting is re-evaluated (eg introduction of scrollbars) snapping happens again, as configured.

    It looks like you just need to remove the snapTo setting as you don't appear to want it.


      Stupid me! Many thanks for the answer and sorry for waisting your time with a dumb question...