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  • Isomorphic
    Our first post (#2 above) contains troubleshooting instructions which you still have not followed.

    Another approach, always available, is to produce a minimal, ready-to-run testcase which shows the error occurring with usage that is clearly correct.

    Please do not ask for updates on a thread unless you have purchased Support. We do not show a record of you purchasing Support or even a license. Please let us know if this is incorrect.

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  • Dim
    Hi thank you very much for the update.

    I tried to isolate a place where the issue coming but couldn't. The thing is this is not happening for one comboBoxItem , but it's happening for every comboBoxItem defined in my screen. Also I haven't use any specialValue or separateSpecialValues to comboBox in my code. I have used your latest but the issue is there still.

    Below are the steps that I'm doing.

    1. click on the comboboxitem and the optionadatasource is loading as expected. I can search some values by typing names in the combo and select them.
    2. User have OK button and when the user clicks the OK button a window is opened and some function is their inside the window. After I click the submit button in the window the window is closing as expected.
    3. just the window get closed I'm again clicking the 1st step combo and searching for values inside the combo by typing first letters of the value. the loaded values got vanished and trying to load the optionadatasource again. Even though the data comes by the optionadatasource again I cant select any values inside the combo. Please note that I have set autofetch(true) for the combo. So loading data again cannot be happen I guess.

    **** But when combobox turns to a selectItem the issue is not coming. Anyway I want to have a comboBoxItem for this cause I want to type some values in that item. So I suspect that this is isolated for only comboBoxItems with the latest version.

    Can you kindly let me know whether there is any issue with the comboBoxItem?

    Please note that Earlier we used smartgwt 4.1 version and there we couldn't experience this issue. After we update it to 12.1 only this issue came.

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  • Isomorphic
    The issue is as stated previously in this thread. The APIs centerInPage(), markForDestroy() and clear() do what the docs say they do, and we again advise you to look into this issue in the way we have previously advised.

    There is no single "best" way to close and open a window. It depends on the context - whether you are going to reuse it and how soon. We do offer consulting and support services if you need them.

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  • Dim
    Sure I will try. My issue is coming when I close the window and suddenly open the other screen dropdown after closing the window. That's why I'm wondering.

    Can I kindly know the there is any issue with the winModal.centerInPage() and also

    Also Can I know the difference between winModal.markForDestroy(); and winModal.clear();

    What is the best way to close and open a window? Is it draw() and clear()?

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  • Isomorphic
    There is nothing obviously wrong with this small piece of code taken on it's own.

    Please see previous advice for next steps.

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  • Dim
    Hi thank you for the update. I m using GWT 12.1 version and below is the way that how I used the seperate window. Is there anything wrong with that?

    final Window winModal = new Window();



    winModal.setTitle("Enter Run Ticket Info");





    Criteria criteria = new Criteria();

    FHRCrudeLoadGenerationForm fhrForm = new FHRCrudeLoadGenerationForm();

    winModal.addItem(fhrForm.getForm(winModal, grid, criteria, grid.getSelectedRecord(), false));

    winModal.addCloseClickHandler(new CloseClickHandler() {


    public void onCloseClick(CloseClickEvent event) {




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  • Isomorphic
    It looks like you are using comboBox.specialValue with the separateSpecialValues list, and somehow specialValuesList AutoChild got destroyed. This would normally only happen if the ComboBoxItem as a whole were destroyed, but then, it wouldn't be there to be clicked.

    You may have event handlers or other logic that destroy()s the separateValueList by accident.

    You can also turn on the "destroys" log category to see where the destroy is coming from and/or you could use Log.traceLogMessage() to try to get a stack trace from when this widget is destroyed so you can see what code is doing it.

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  • Dim
    started a topic Dropdown cannot type anything after sometime

    Dropdown cannot type anything after sometime


    I'm having some dropdowns in two screens in my GWT application. When I'm working about 1 hour with some particular ComboBoxItem I cannot select and enter values in the ComboBoxItem.

    ComboBoxItem cmbName = new ComboBoxItem("DOrganization", "DOrganization");








    Below is the error I'm getting. Can you please provide me a solution?

    ##### Console warning before dropdown didn't work##########

    *21:56:14.196:XRP7:WARN:ListGrid:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList:Attempt to access destroyed widget in the DOM - destroy() called at invalid time (eg: mid-draw) or invalid method called on destroy()d widget. Stack Trace:
    Canvas.getHandle() on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3148:406
    Canvas.getClipHandle() on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3150:101
    Canvas.getStyleHandle() on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3152:279
    Canvas._setHandleRect(_1=>0, _2=>0, _3=>null, _4=>null) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3731:82
    Canvas.moveBy(_1=>null, _2=>null, _3=>undef, _4=>true) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3413:6
    Canvas.moveTo(_1=>null, _2=>null, _3=>undef, _4=>true) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3447:120
    Canvas.setRect(_1=>null, _2=>null, _3=>"100%", _4=>null, _5=>undef) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3217:62
    Canvas._resolvePercentageSize(_1=>undef) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3534:7
    [c]Class.invokeSuper(_1=>null, _2=>"$qw", _3=>undef, _4=>undef, _5=>undef, _6=>undef, _7=>undef, _8=>undef, _9=>undef, _10=>undef, _11=>undef, _12=>undef, _13=>undef) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:299:93
    [c]Class.Super(_1=>"$qw", _2=>[object Arguments], _3=>undef) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:291:170
    ListGrid._resolvePercentageSize() on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Grids.js:842:6
    Canvas.parentResized(_1=>undef) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3531:518
    Canvas._resolveChildPercentSizes() on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_139] @ ISC_Core.js:3482:679
    Canvas.layoutChildren(_1=>"resized", _2=>46, _3=>0) on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_139] @ ISC_Core.js:3482:507
    Canvas._completeResizeBy(_1=>undef, _2=>undef) on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_139] @ ISC_Core.js:3471:78
    Canvas.resizeBy(_1=>46, _2=>null, _3=>undef, _4=>undef, _5=>undef, _6=>undef) on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_139] @ ISC_Core.js:3469:6
    Canvas.resizeTo(_1=>146, _2=>undef, _3=>undef, _4=>undef, _5=>undef, _6=>undef, _7=>undef) on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_139] @ ISC_Core.js:3483:449
    Canvas.setWidth(_1=>146) on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_139] @ ISC_Core.js:3222:640
    Layout.setMemberBreadth(_1=>[Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_139], _2=>146) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_3] @ ISC_Foundation.js:236:1399
    Layout.autoSetBreadth(_1=>[Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_139]) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_3] @ ISC_Foundation.js:257:255
    Layout.addMembers(_1=>Array[3], _2=>0, _3=>true, _4=>undef) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_3] @ ISC_Foundation.js:399:20
    Layout.setMembers(_1=>Array[3]) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_3] @ ISC_Foundation.js:414:89
    ListGrid.updateGridComponents() on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_3] @ ISC_Grids.js:1333:144
    ListGrid.createChildren() on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_3] @ ISC_Grids.js:1330:83
    ListGrid.prepareForDraw() on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_3] @ ISC_Grids.js:1432:6
    ListGrid.draw(_1=>undef, _2=>undef, _3=>undef, _4=>undef) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_3] @ ISC_Grids.js:1421:599
    _3.placePickList() on [ComboBoxItem ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14 name :DOrganization] @ ISC_Forms.js:22590:28
    _3.$19l() on [ComboBoxItem ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14 name :DOrganization] @ ISC_Forms.js:21354:22
    _3.$82n(_1=>Obj, _2=>[ResultSet ID:isc_ResultSet_12 (dataSource: isc_CommonLookupDS_103, created by: isc_PickListMenu_3)], _3=>Obj) on [ComboBoxItem ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14 name :DOrganization] @ ISC_Forms.js:22306:41
    _3.filterComplete(_1=>Obj, _2=>Array[624], _3=>Obj, _4=>true) on [ComboBoxItem ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14 name :DOrganization] @ ISC_Forms.js:22269:26
    ComboBoxItem.filterComplete() on [ComboBoxItem ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_14 name :DOrganization] @ ISC_Forms.js:28803:12
    PickList._sharedPickListFetchComplete(_1=>[ResultSet ID:isc_ResultSet_12 (dataSource: isc_CommonLookupDS_103, created by: isc_PickListMenu_3)], _2=>Obj, _3=>Array[624], _4=>Obj) on [Class PickList] @ ISC_Forms.js:22736:16
    _3.fetchRemoteDataReply(_17=>Obj, _14=>Array[624], _2=>Obj) on [ResultSet ID:isc_ResultSet_12 (dataSource: isc_CommonLookupDS_103, created by: isc_PickListMenu_3)] @ ISC_Forms.js:21524:42
    [c]Class.fireCallback(_1=>Obj, _2=>"dsResponse,data,dsRequest", _3=>Array[3], _4=>[RestDataSource ID:isc_CommonLookupDS_103], _5=>undef) on [Class RestDataSource] @ ISC_Core.js:311:104
    Class.fireCallback(_1=>Obj, _2=>"dsResponse,data,dsRequest", _3=>Array[3], _4=>undef) on [RestDataSource ID:isc_CommonLookupDS_103] @ ISC_Core.js:385:302
    DataSource.fireResponseCallbacks(_1=>Obj, _2=>Obj, _3=>Obj, _4=>Obj) on [RestDataSource ID:isc_CommonLookupDS_103] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:538:89
    DataSource._completeResponseProcessing(_1=>Obj, _2=>Obj, _3=>Obj, _4=>Obj, _5=>Obj) on [RestDataSource ID:isc_CommonLookupDS_103] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:533:6
    DataSource._handleJSONReply(_1=>Obj, _2=>Array[624], _3=>Obj) on [RestDataSource ID:isc_CommonLookupDS_103] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:403:6
    _3.$379(rpcResponse=>Obj, jsonText=>Obj, rpcRequest=>Obj) on [RestDataSource ID:isc_CommonLookupDS_103] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:410:6
    [c]Class.fireCallback(<no args: recursion>) on [Class RPCManager] @ ISC_Core.js:311:104
    Class.fireCallback(<no args: recursion>) on [RPCManager ID:builtinApplication] @ ISC_Core.js:385:302
    RPCManager.fireReplyCallback(_1=>Obj, _2=>Obj, _3=>Obj, _4=>Obj) on [Class RPCManager] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1413:233
    [c]RPCManager.fireReplyCallbacks(_1=>Obj, _2=>Obj) on [Class RPCManager] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1414:434
    [c]RPCManager.performOperationReply(_1=>Obj, _2=>Obj) on [Class RPCManager] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1413:13
    RPCManager._performTransactionReply(_1=>385) on [Class RPCManager] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1403:6
    [c]RPCManager.performTransactionReply(_1=>385, _2=>"{"list":[{"key":"3WX 3-1H OIL","value..."[48177], _3=>undef) on [Class RPCManager] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1363:20
    null.eval(transactionNum=>385, results=>[object XMLHttpRequest], wd=>undef) @ [no file]:3:16
    [c]Class.fireCallback(<no args: recursion>) on [Class Comm] @ ISC_Core.js:311:104
    [c]Comm.performXmlTransactionReply(_1=>385, _2=>[object XMLHttpRequest]) on [Class Comm] @ ISC_Core.js:2036:27
    null.eval(xmlHttpRequest=>[object XMLHttpRequest]) @ [no file]:3:10
    [c]Class.fireCallback(<no args: recursion>) on [Class Class] @ ISC_Core.js:311:104
    Comm._fireXMLCallback(_1=>[object XMLHttpRequest], _2=>"isc.Comm.performXmlTransactionReply(385,..."[56], _3=>undef) on [Class Comm] @ ISC_Core.js:2016:440
    XMLHttpRequest._15() @ ISC_Core.js:2024:314

    ##### Console warning after dropdown didn't work##########

    *21:17:51.220:MDN9:WARN:Log:TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
    Stack from error.stack:
    _3.itemClick(<no args: exited>) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_5] @ ISC_Forms.js:20956:82
    _3.recordClick(<no args: exited>) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_5] @ ISC_Forms.js:20927:30
    ListGrid.rowClick(<no args: exited>) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_5] @ ISC_Grids.js:1736:22
    [c]Class.invokeSuper(<no args: exited>) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_5] @ ISC_Core.js:299:93
    [c]Class.Super(<no args: exited>) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_5] @ ISC_Core.js:291:170
    _3.rowClick(<no args: exited>) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_5] @ ISC_Forms.js:20873:22
    _3.eval(<no args: exited>) on [GridBody ID:isc_PickListMenu_5_body] @ [no file]:4:115
    GridRenderer._rowClick(<no args: exited>) on [GridBody ID:isc_PickListMenu_5_body] @ ISC_Grids.js:587:221
    [c]Class.invokeSuper(<no args: exited>) on [GridBody ID:isc_PickListMenu_5_body] @ ISC_Core.js:299:93
    [c]Class.Super(<no args: exited>) on [GridBody ID:isc_PickListMenu_5_body] @ ISC_Core.js:291:170
    GridBody._rowClick(<no args: exited>) on [GridBody ID:isc_PickListMenu_5_body] @ ISC_Grids.js:658:76<no args: exited>) on [GridBody ID:isc_PickListMenu_5_body] @ ISC_Grids.js:585:167
    Canvas.handleClick(<no args: exited>) on [GridBody ID:isc_PickListMenu_5_body] @ ISC_Core.js:3871:400
    [c]EventHandler.bubbleEvent(<no args: exited>) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2418:89
    [c]EventHandler.handleClick(<no args: exited>) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2251:50
    EventHandler._handleMouseUp(<no args: exited>) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2233:11
    [c]EventHandler.handleMouseUp(<no args: exited>) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2224:57
    [c]EventHandler.dispatch(_1=>[c]EventHandler.handleMouseUp(), _2=>[object MouseEvent]) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2513:122
    HTMLDocument.eval(event=>[object MouseEvent]) @ [no file]:3:123

    isc.B.push.isc.A.addToMasterLog @ ISC_Core.js:1264
    isc_c_Log_addLogMessage @ ISC_Core.js:1262
    isc_c_Log_log @ ISC_Core.js:1255
    logMessage @ ISC_Core.js:1244
    logWarn @ ISC_Core.js:1244
    isc__debug__reportJSErrorStack @ ISC_Core.js:1217
    isc__debug__reportJSError @ ISC_Core.js:1217
    isc_c_EventHandler_dispatch @ ISC_Core.js:2513
    eval @ VM45:3
    ISC_Core.js:2513 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
    at _3.itemClick (ISC_Forms.js:20956)
    at _3.recordClick (ISC_Forms.js:20927)
    at _3.isc_ListGrid_rowClick [as rowClick] (ISC_Grids.js:1736)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_invokeSuper [as invokeSuper] (ISC_Core.js:299)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_Super [as Super] (ISC_Core.js:291)
    at _3.rowClick (ISC_Forms.js:20873)
    at _3.eval [as rowClick] (eval at isc__makeFunction (ISC_Core.js:66), <anonymous>:4:115)
    at _3.isc_GridRenderer__rowClick [as $29y] (ISC_Grids.js:587)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_invokeSuper [as invokeSuper] (ISC_Core.js:299)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_Super [as Super] (ISC_Core.js:291)
    at _3.isc_GridBody__rowClick [as $29y] (ISC_Grids.js:658)
    at _3.isc_GridRenderer_click [as click] (ISC_Grids.js:585)
    at _3.isc_Canvas_handleClick [as handleClick] (ISC_Core.js:3871)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_bubbleEvent [as bubbleEvent] (ISC_Core.js:2418)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_handleClick [as handleClick] (ISC_Core.js:2251)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler__handleMouseUp [as $k5] (ISC_Core.js:2233)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_handleMouseUp [as handleMouseUp] (ISC_Core.js:2224)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_dispatch [as dispatch] (ISC_Core.js:2513)
    at HTMLDocument.eval (eval at isc__makeFunction (ISC_Core.js:66), <anonymous>:3:123)

    *** Also in the mean time when I 'm working with the dropdown I am also working with a window in a seperate screen
    Last edited by Dim; 4 Jun 2021, 08:58.