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    DataSource Refreshing Spring Context on Async Thread

    We have a data source DSRequest that we are executing asynchronously, it executes from a thread pool executor. We use Spring beans for different operation bindings in the server object with different server methods. When these execute asynchronously, the spring context gets refreshed which isn't desired. Is there a way to pass the spring context into the DSRequest? Or is this not supported?

    First: product and version please. Try to avoid omitting this.

    What do you mean it's "refreshed"? Reloaded?

    We are just acquiring the Spring Context in the usual way, so this isn't really under our control, and is presumably something to configure in Spring.


      We're using SmartGWT Enterprise 12.1-p20210219

      Yes, refreshed/reloaded. All of our DB pools and every spring bean is shutdown and restarted.


        That's definitely not normal. We've seen others report this with threading, and then they reported that it was resolved on the Spring side, as we recommended just now.

        If you think we are somehow forcing Spring to reload everything (we're not..) you could try to put together a test case that clearly shows that we are doing so. But again, we would not expect that to be possible given that others seem to either not have this problem or have fixed it in Spring.