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    Is it possible to select from a selectitem picklist by clicking anywhere in the row

    I would like the users not to have to click exactly in the checkbox to select a row in the picklist. I would like a click anywhere in the row with the checkbox to select/unselect the checkbox.

    I have tried to look around, but found no way to set this, or add a clicklistener on the picklist. Optimally it would of course be nice with a boolean somewhere, "allowClickAnywhereToSelect" on the SelectItem. ;)

    Is there any way to accompish this?

    Hi mathias,

    you mean in a multiple: true SelectItem, right? I'd like that, too.

    Also some other way of opening a ComboBoxItem with the mouse apart from clicking the tiny arrow (I know that Alt-Down works as well). Perhaps a double click on the ComboBoxItem-Textbox?

    Best regards


      The problem with both is that end users won't generally discover them. Also note that clicking anywhere in the checkbox column counts as a hit, that the column could be widened (either directly or through global density changes) and that clicking there is better for end users since the cursor doesn't occlude the text.

      However, if you want to do these things anyway, you should be able to achieve the first with a rowClick or recordClick handler passed via pickListProperties.

      For the second request, add a doubleClick handler.


        I would also like the other Blama suggestion that you can click outside of the tiny arrow click target. (Yeah, its for multi-selectitems Blama)

        Iso, not sure i get what you mean that the end user won't discover them? Being able to check the box by clicking anywhere in that row is not a discoverability issue? The selectitem item list is open already, and if you happen to click outside the checkbox i just want the row checkbox to still be checked. Besides, many gui implementations do this.