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    Upgrading from SmartGWT 12.1 to 13.0 Calendar problem


    I prepare a migration to V13.0 and I can not find the setEventHoverHTMLCustomizer() method of Calendar,
    could tell me what is it replaced please ?

    Thank you in advance

    SGWT : 13.0d (build 2021-11-19)
    Linux : Fedora 35
    Chrome: 96.0.4664
    Gwt : 2.9.0

    You can use setEventCanvasHoverHTMLCustomizer() instead.

    EventHoverHTMLCustomizer has been removed in 13.0, because it's passed an EventWindow instance - EventWindow has been marked as deprecated since v10.0, and was removed altogether in v13.0. Unfortunately, we had neglected to mark EventHoverHTMLCustomizer as deprecated in favor of EventCanvasHoverHTMLCustomizer in earlier versions.
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      Thank you for your answer, but after testing I realize that it works on Firefox but not on Chrome.

      Thank you in advance

      SGWT : 13.0d (build 2021-11-24)
      Linux : Fedora 35
      Chrome: 96.0.4664.45
      Gwt : 2.9.0
      Firefox: 94.0


        Can you clarify - are you saying that our suggestion of using setEventCanvasHoverHTMLCustomizer() instead of setEventHoverHTMLCustomizer() only works in Firefox?


          Yes I confirm I use well setEventCanvasHoverHTMLCustomizer() that works on firefox but not with chrome.


            in version v12.1p_2021-06-30/ Pro Deployment (2021-06-30) everything worked and when I switched to version v12.1p_2022-09-20/ Pro Deployment (2022-09-20) then setEventCanvasHoverHTMLCustomizer stopped working


              hi Hirn ,

              You just need to call setAlwaysShowEventHovers(true) on your Calendar. We made a change to only show hovers by default if the content of the event's Canvas is clipped, and added alwaysShowEventHovers to allow the legacy behavior.

              However, on reflection, while this works well with a default Calendar (where hover-content is essentially the content from the event's visible canvas), it's likely always wrong in a case where you have a hover customizer, since you're most likely not just showing the event's content. So we may reverse the default value of Calendar.alwaysShowEventHovers.

              We'll update here if we do that - otherwise, just call setAlwaysShowEventHovers(true).


              Isomorphic Software


                We went ahead and switched the default value of Calendar.alwaysShowEventHovers from false to true, and redocumented it like this:

                By default, EventCanvases show their content in hovers.  If you set this attribute to false, hovers will only be shown if the content of the event-canvas is visually clipped.
                Note - if you have custom hover-content/handling, you should leave this property set to true.
                You can see in the change in tomorrow's builds, dated October 28 or later.