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    Is there a way for a formitem to take up space when not showing?

    Hi, i have a formitem in a form with 2 column that needs to be shown/hidden under certain circumstances. (yeah the other thread i created with an iffunction)

    Problem is that the other form items below it jump around when it is hidden. I have solved it in static cases by setting the colspan of the formitem next to it to 2 or 1 depending on whether it's showing, but it's not possible with a showiffunction - i would need a "setcolspanIfFunction" :).

    Is there some way for me to either
    a) have the formitem always take up the same space whether or not its hidden or
    b) have some listener like a showIfFunction but basically just listen for changes on another item? There is the changedlistener on a formitem but it only works on user interactions.

    We're not certain on the problem, but it sounds like you have a row in a 2-column form that might have one or two items in it - but when you hide one of them, items in subsequent rows shimmy about to fill in the gap, right?

    If so, you can setStartRow(true) on the first item in the next row, and that should stop the shimmying when you hide one of the items in the previous row.


      THANK YOU (heart emoji)! That's exactly what i was after.