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    Trigger a re-calculation of EventCustomizer in a Timeline


    I have a timeline that has users for lanes, and various records for events. I have various formatting rules related to the events based on the data in the records.

    I would like to basically have the eventcustomizer re-evaluated for every event in the timeline, (and have it redraw of course) when some stuff changes outside the timeline.

    I am now using
    , and while that does work, it also triggers a re-fetch from the server, which i'm trying to avoid (might be several thousand rows). I know that the data hasn't changed on the server, so i don't want to re-fetch it.

    Is there a way to accomplish this?


    There are two ways to do this, but neither was doc'd for SmartGWT:

    1) rebuild() has a param, refreshData, which can be passed as false - this is still more expensive than the alternative, which is

    2) there's a method, view.refreshEvents(), which basically does exactly what you want, but wasn't public

    We've exposed both for tomorrow's builds, dated January 13 or later (may even make today's build, in this case) - if you want to test the fix in the meantime, and if you know JSNI, you can use that to call rebuild(false) or refreshEvents() in JS.
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      That's great!

      For context, the use cases are among these:
      -Users can filter out events that are not in the weekend, or some other application-specific setting outside of the events themselves.
      -Users can choose a different color for recurring events


        Hi there, i've tried over the last two days to get the nightly via maven to no avail. So tried some more days, and from what i can see, the last build i can get via Maven for 13.0d is from 2022-01-01. Just wanted to give a heads up in case there's something wrong the the file server.


          Hello, i'll answer my own question above i guess.

          I did find a build for 13.1 from the 17:th, but still there's no build for 13.0d since January 1. Is it that when you start on a new point release (13.1d), you stop releasing nightlies for the previous point release?

          Regarding the refreshEvents(), i can confirm that it's there now and that it works majestically for me. Thanks.


            Hi mathias,

            since beginning of the year 13.0p is out. I have a "Distill Web Monitor" 1-hour check on (you can choose another version) so that I get notified in my browser if there is a new version out.

            Best regards


              Haha i suppose i don't visit often enough :) Had totally missed that, i blame it on the holidays.

              Thanks for the heads-up mate.


                Hi mathias,

                I also get the SmartClient newsletter I think whenever a new blog post comes out. I'm not sure where to sign up for this ( Isomorphic ?), but here there is a "Notify me about Isomorphic Software product releases, events, and news." box. Would also not have noticed quickly otherwise.

                Best regards


                  Thanks, smart.
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