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  • Isomorphic
    This doesn't have to do with the SQL connector, which supports the full AdvancedCriteria system (in Power Edition and up), but with forming the criteria in the client.

    We have two interfaces that allow ORs along with using other operators, right inline in the FilterEditor: see listGrid.allowFilterExpressions and allowFilterOperators.

    There is also the FilterBuilder for yet more advanced use cases (like nested ANDs and ORs).

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  • selecting multiple values in sqldatasource bound grid's filtereditor

    We're on SmartGWT 6.1
    Have sqldatasource bound grid and trying to figure out syntax of what to put in FilterEditor cell to select multiple rows for multiple values.
    Tried comma, semicolon and bunch of other ways.
    Also - can't make it work in either.

    Is this supported out of the box?

    Thank you!