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    Smart client 13 getting sql error when perform save on default fetch ds.xml

    Hi team,

    I have ds.xml having two primary keys (number, date). When data is displaying with default fetch no error.

    But when perform add/update getting sql grammar error as sql query order by is appending with comma (,). before perform db operation it is trying find the existing record but some how order by is appending with comma.

    in pervious version this order by excluding. Please check this order by logic in new version.

    Thank you,
    Seenaiah Ch
    Last edited by seenaiahch; 17 Feb 2022, 10:31.

    Please remember to always post what product, edition and full version you are using, and for a server-side error, the logs for the error.

    Also, make sure to test with the latest patched version, or you may report a bug that has already been fixed, which seems likely to be what happened here: it looks like you may have hit this bug (specific to SQL server and multiple primary keys), which was fixed a few days ago.