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    Can i have proportional size/width on a canvas on resize

    Hi. If i put size/width to for example 50% and resize the browser, the canvas resizes as expected. But for a new usecase i would like a canvas that resizes proportionally. I.e. the widht/height adjusts to the lesser value of width/height. I tried mucking around, having a resizedlistener but couldn't get it to work.

    Is there any reasonably easy way to accomplish this?

    We’re not sure what went wrong with your attempt, but we would recommend only allowing R and B edge drags, not the corner. Then you can use a resized listener to adjust the other axis. If you allow the end user to change both axes at once you will end up “fighting” the user drag.


      Yeah, we couldn't get it to work great so we ended up scrapping it.