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  • Isomorphic
    We have applied a fix to address this issue and it will be available as of tomorrow's builds (Jul 19).

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    Isomorphic Software

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  • nrstirzaker
    started a topic Timeline bug (visible in showcase)

    Timeline bug (visible in showcase)


    Since we upgraded to SGWT 13 we noticed a bug on our page when we use the Timeline component. The bug also seems to occur on the Showcase as well. If you pick the "Simple Timeline" and then open the Date Chooser you can select a date and the timeline will "move" to that date. However, if you open "Timeline filtering" and open the Date Chooser (which in this instance now also includes time information) and then select a date and or time nothing happens. In our original code based on a previous version of SGWT the Date Chooser included an Apply button, this has now disappeared. In our application, our timeline view includes date and time although the users only need to be able to select a date in the Date Chooser. Is there a workaround and/or a fix?