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    Implementing SelectItem features to ComboBoxItem


    I am trying to add the features OpenOnDownArrow() and OpenOnSpace() to a custom ComboBoxItem per our costumers request. They want to have the ability to use the keyboard features as much as possible while using grids. Our ListGridFields mostly use ComboBoxItems already but lack these two features. We went with the ComboBoxItem over the SelectItem because of the filtering feature it has.

    I know we can achieve the dropdown with "alt" + down arrow but our users are complaining there is a lack of consistency when it comes to SelectItems and ComboBoxItems throughout the application.

    Is there a way to add these features to the ComboBoxItem?



    If you look at native OS and/or native browser controls, they use the same keyboard shortcuts we use. This is consistent and is standardized for accessibility reasons.

    Go up to your URL bar and hit Space. The value is wiped out.

    Go into system settings and find a select somewhere. Down arrow changes the value, it does not open the list. You don't want to change this for selects, as it would be both a worse UI and an accessibility violation. So there is nothing to do for comboBox here either.