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    Issue with custom print.html, bug in 13.0?

    EDIT: oh man, i just noticed that we apparently had added the v=1 parameter to avoid caching the print html. I am sorry, carry on as you were...

    Hi, i just moved our custom print.html page to our latest version of our project, and i don't think it works properly in 13.0.

    I basically do what you have suggested in other threads here previously, I get the printframe.html out, i got it from
    , and i have a row in my loadingpage that changes the url like this:
    <script>isc.PrintCanvas.addProperties({printFrameURL: "ns/print.html});</script>
    I then just call Canvas.showPrintPreview(grid).

    However, in the latest smartgwt version (i just downloaded 2022-09-21), nothing happens and i get this in the log:

    Printing:Print canvas with ID:undefined failed to render correctly.

    I looked at PrintFrame.html, and maybe it's an issue with the url params?

    IN the old smartgwt(12.1), the url when printpreview is called is this:
    but in 13.0 it is:
    As you can see, there's now a "v" as the first url parameter, so there are multiple '?' in the url which screws up the parsing of the url params.

    If i go into the printframe.html and hard-code line 174 from
    window.controllerCanvas = "";
    window.controllerCanvas = "isc_PrintCanvas_0";

    it works.

    Seems like something that requires a fix, but is there anything i can do on my end in java code in the meantime?

    Pointers appreciated, cheers
    Last edited by mathias; 21 Sep 2022, 06:57.

    Thanks for the report - we've fixed this for tomorrow's builds.

    The problem was that internal logic was doing this.printFrameURL + "? ...", but your printFrameURL already has params (or did, when you first posted it :) )
    Last edited by Isomorphic; 22 Sep 2022, 02:11.


      yeah, i took it away since i was the one that had added it, didn't want to confuse you. Thanks!