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    CubeGrid issue

    I'm having a cubegrid issue - we have been using the older release of 12.0p (2019-05-19) because the cube grid still works. I have recompiled the exact same code with 12.0p (2023-02-18) and the results are not the same.

    On the older version, I have a facet called "TIME", "LDC" and "Measures". I can render the data like the following:Click image for larger version

Name:	2019.png
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    When I compile the code with any 12.0p version later than the 2019-05-19, I lose the A measure on the on below the LDC facets. Same thing happens when I shift the facets around to the Y access. This is the same code compiled with 2023-02-18.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2023.png
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    I've attached the code stripping it down the bare minimum to show the issue.

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    Hi dwonger,

    It looks like you've enabled autoFetchData, but you have no DataSource and you are actually providing the data set via setData().

    This combination of settings should not work at all (in any version of SmartGWT), as autoFetchData cannot do anything without a DataSource. You should see some loud complaints in the logs - we're surprised anything renders at all!

    Can you try getting rid of this setting?

    We note that you did talk about this test case as being minimal. If you retained the autoFetchData setting because it was causing some effect that you actually wanted, please let us know what that would be.. it would probably be because of some bug (because again you are in uncharted territory; conflicting settings!)


      I commented out the autofetch, and cleared the brower cache and I'm still seeing the same issues (see image) with the developer console. A while back when we tried to upgrade to a release past 2019-05-19, we ran into the issue and it was due to the autofetch. Our actual code which showed the original issue has a custom DMI built that does the pull of the data on demand/autofetch. So for example, for the Time, we had it broken up into Year, month, day and hour. We'd use the autofetch feature to pull the hourly data (the facets were already created). I don't know how to send you guys an example like this because we'd have to setup a DMI with enough static data (the code we have pulls from the database).

      We have it setup with the Measure with A & B but only 1 of the 2 facet values shows up. Is there some other setting I should turn off?

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2023-02-28 090253.png
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        Any updates on this or do you need code/more info to reproduce the problem?


          Hi dwonger, we've got it reproduced and it's related to your setCollapsed() call - a bugfix was applied post-11.1 and it seems to affect your use case. It's queued to be looked at so we can support both your use case and the use case that required the bugfix.

          Right now the work is queued behind a lot of other work, but you could bump it up by renewing your support.


            This issue should be fixed in SC/SGWT releases back to 12.0 in the latest nightly patch builds.


              It's fixed on that and the later 13.0 release. Thanks.