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    How to get Azure Boards work item info for recent GitHub PRs in a given repo?

    We are using the "Azure Boards" GitHub app, and thus when we add AB# to a PR comment, it links to the right work item in Azure DevOps?

    We would like to create a list of recent GitHub pull requests that show the Azure Boards work item that is associated and its parent work item. We could do this when our PRs were in Azure DevOps Git, but it seems tough to do so with PRs ion GitHub.

    Would something like this be possible with existing GitHub apps? If not, how would I get start writing a bot to perhaps populate the needed info into the PR title?

    Hi Crankz, it's not clear why you posted on this forum, but this probably isn't the right place for your question.

    This forum is for questions about SmartGWT, a technology for building enterprise business applications.