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  • tece321
    Thanks for the response.

    We will have to investigate more on our side to see if we can decipher what the author was attempting to do here.

    To move on, I will remove this code and any references to getScrollbar() calls. I looked at documentation for 6.0 and 6.1 versions and don't see any documentation on getScrollbar() either, so I don't know where the author got this usage.

    I don't believe your references apply to this usage., but thanks for them.

    Best wishes

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  • Isomorphic
    As an aside there are a couple of old Broadcom forum threads which could possibly be relevant to this code:

    This was a discussion related to scrollbar placement and sizing

    And this was a discussion about creating a custom scrollbar from scratch:


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  • Isomorphic
    From a first look it's not clear to us what this code is trying to achieve.

    There isn't currently a getScrollbar() framework API, and it's not immediately obvious to us how this is working at all in 12.1, even with a deprecated warning.

    If there were such a method and it did the obvious thing of returning the automatically generated Scrollbar instance for an overflow "auto" or "scroll" component, attempting to modify its position or add it as a member to another component seems like it would never work.

    If the code is attempting to adjust the size of content based on whether or not a scrollbar is showing we'd recommend looking at getInnerWidth, getInnerContentWidth and getViewportWidth

    Beyond that we'd need some more information to comment intelligently

    Sorry we can't be more help

    Isomorphic Software

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  • tece321
    started a topic Canvas.getScrollbar() deprecated

    Canvas.getScrollbar() deprecated

    SmartClient Version: v12.1p_2021-10-22/PowerEdition Deployment (built 2021-10-22)

    We have an OLD SmartGWT application which I am trying to resurrect, and I see this Warning: "the method getScrollbar() from ListGrid is deprecated"

    I wonder how to replace this deprecated call.

    If I look at the documentation at: for the ListGrid class, the getScrollbar() is not documented.

    the call returns a Canvas object.

    In another class derived from VLayout, there is this code line: ( I assume fetching the scrollbar and adjusting the current canvas and then adding it to the VLayout derived class).

    //  Container is a derived VLayout class,; the class contains a ListGrid as a component.  
    // The author is getting the left edge of the scrollbar of the ListGrid component.
    container.getScrollbar().setLeft(container.getAbsoluteLeft() - getAbsoluteLeft());
    I didn't write this code, and it wasn't documented by that person.

    I assume that the author was getting a Scrollbar Object, and then setting the left edge of the class Canvas so that it didn't occlude the the scrollbar of the grid - or something like that.

    Since there is no documentation on Listgrid.getScrollbar() or on Canvas.getScrollbar that I can find, what do you recommend I replace this with?
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