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  • tece321
    Thks. ;)

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  • Isomorphic
    Yes, definitely an intentional change - it has partly to do with the new SavedSearch features work.

    Note that viewState is, by design, an undocumented format. So to fix this problem and avoid future collisions, we would recommend serializing a JSON object in which your notion of userCriteria is stored in parallel to the SmartGWT viewState, rather than inside it.

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  • getViewState on 13.0 ListGrid contlict with existing keys: userCriteria

    SmartClient Version: v13.0p_2023-04-25/PowerEdition Deployment (built 2023-04-25)

    We have been using ListGrid viewstate since 6.0. We get the grid viewstate, and if there are column grid filters set by the user, up to now we saved the criteria into the viewstate blob under a key called 'userCriteria'. ( Think we can attribute this usage to code you originally wrote for us, but that may not be true).

    In going from 12.x to 13.x are there now keys in the grid viewstate returned like "hilite", "group", "showFilterEditor" and now "userCriteria" returned in a ListGrid.getViewState() that were not there in 12.x and earlier versions?

    We are generating a workaround for this apparent conflict with our 'userCriteria' key and 13.x version of 'userCriteria'. The question I have, is can you confirm this is a change between SmartGWT major revisions?

    We have to do something here, i.e. can't just accept your key's criteria, because we have special filter functionality on some grids on some fields of the grid. In short we don't allow users to filter to any value on every column.