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    Upload document data in custom operation


    I am facing a issue in my dynamic form when we have a binary field and text editor. Since it is possible to upload a file using attachment and also user can paste any image in text editor.
    So, when user pastes a image in text editor and i call saveData(), it exceeds the URI limit i.e. 8913.

    So to tackle that issue I have created a customOperation and send the data to server in a record form, but since there is also a attachment field. If user uploads a file/image and also paste in editor then the byteInputArraySTream I received at server is not the same bytestream which I was receiving when I was using saveData().

    Previously when I was calling saveData(), which generates a request and contains a method named getUploadedFile() which contains all info for uploaded file of type ISCFileItem

    Can you suggest any other way I can get the same info which was present in getUploadFile() on client side so that I can share that info in custom operation record to server and perform the remaining task.

    This all is related to MailSystem.