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    Field picker

    Dear Isomorphic Team,

    I would like to inquire about disabling the contextual menu that appears in the fieldPicker. Previously, these menus were not available. I have attempted to modify them using attributes, but I have not found any that provide the necessary functionality. Specifically, I wish to hide the entire contextual menu that appears upon right-clicking on the column. Additionally, if possible, I would like to know how to hide the option for available filters (Filter using). In the listGrid, there is a method to accomplish this, but I am curious about how to apply it to the fieldPicker, including the advanced filtering option.

    I sincerely appreciate any assistance you can provide on this matter.

    We are working with version 13.0

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    Hi Camilo, these features are available on all grids by default, so this isn't something new. The FieldPicker uses the standard ListGrid component, so all of the standard ListGrid features are available.

    Why would you bother to remove these features from the Field Picker in particular? These features just work, require no server-side support, and allow an advanced user to quickly find the fields they care about if there is a long list. So it is hard to imagine a reason for removing them.

    Are you perhaps trying to use FieldPicker for some purpose outside of its role in picking fields? We generally wouldn't recommend that - you could re-create the FieldPicker interface very quickly from more basic components, and then customize in whatever way you want. Starting from the FieldPicker and trying to make it serve another purpose is much more likely to have forward compatibility problems.


      Hi Isomorphic, We are looking for a solution to hide the 'Save Views' option in the context menu of the ListGrid inside the FiledPicker. Currently, we are using the 'setUseAdvancedFieldPicker(true)' method, which builds the Field Picker by default.

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        That's a feature that's available in all ListGrid components, and works without any need for configuration. It's also present in other sub-grids, such as in the Hilite Editor.

        What would the purpose of turning it off?


          Hi Isomorphic.
          I understand that it's working; however, it's providing options that shouldn't be available to the user. For this reason, we need to disable some functions, but we haven't found documentation on how to do it. Can you tell me how to disable them? When using the setUseAdvancedFieldPicker(true) attribute, it doesn't allow us to access or use the options available in the ListGrid. I only need to disable the functions that I can't allow for the user. I've tried doing it with:
          setAttribute("fieldPickerShowSampleValues", false, allowPostCreate);
          However, we haven't achieved the expected result. Could you help me disable these options?

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