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    Replacement of Amcharts becasue it uses flash


    What would be a best replacement to AMCharts since the flash is no longer supported. Trying to get into htlm5. However, just want to confirm if smart gwt has anything that I can use for charting for my Smart gwt, gwt and spring based application.

    Yes, there are charting components built into SmartGWT:


      Since, our org's chart are more interactive than the smart gwt charts since we are using legacy amcharts which has flash currently. We are thinking about getting Amchart 5 subscription. Is there any documentation from Smart gwt that I can follow for the update? Anything I need to know before I jump into that ship?


        You can also create custom charts with whatever interactivity you like, by using the Drawing module (which is what SmartGWT's built-in FacetChart is built with).

        As far as Amcharts, we are not familiar with it. But in general, you should look at the DOM-Level Integration topic if you are integrating a third-party widget and need it to be contained by SmartGWT components.