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    TabSet.addAddTabClickedHandler warning

    I want to use the add button in TabSet but I get a warning by click addButton
    my source
    TabSet templatesTabSet = new TabSet();
            templatesTabSet.addAddTabClickedHandler(new AddTabClickedHandler() {
                public void onAddTabClicked(AddTabClickedEvent event) {
                    SC.askforValue(Strings.get("addTemplatesList"), Strings.get("templatesListName"), new ValueCallback() {
                        public void execute(String value) {
                              int i = 0;
    WARN:Log:Call to Super for method: addTabClicked failed on: [ImgButton ID:isc_TabSet_0_addTabButton]: couldn't find a superclass implementation of : ImgButton.addTabClicked
        [c]Class.invokeSuper(_1=>null, _2=>"addTabClicked", _3=>undef, _4=>undef, _5=>undef, _6=>undef, _7=>undef, _8=>undef, _9=>undef, _10=>undef, _11=>undef, _12=>undef, _13=>undef) on [ImgButton ID:isc_TabSet_0_addTabButton] @ ISC_Core.js:319:219
        [c]Class.Super(_1=>"addTabClicked", _2=>[object Arguments], _3=>undef) on [ImgButton ID:isc_TabSet_0_addTabButton] @ ISC_Core.js:312:170
        _3.<anonymous>() on [ImgButton ID:isc_TabSet_0_addTabButton] @ 282C42893C7CFAE7A1483F825C7B3C33.cache.js:227198:12
        null.dsc_g$(jsFunction_0_g$=>anonymous(), thisObj_0_g$=>[ImgButton ID:isc_TabSet_0_addTabButton], args_0_g$=>[object Arguments]) @ 282C42893C7CFAE7A1483F825C7B3C33.cache.js:65393:28
        null.gsc_g$(jsFunction_0_g$=>anonymous(), thisObj_0_g$=>[ImgButton ID:isc_TabSet_0_addTabButton], args_0_g$=>[object Arguments]) @ 282C42893C7CFAE7A1483F825C7B3C33.cache.js:65449:16
        _3.<anonymous>() on [ImgButton ID:isc_TabSet_0_addTabButton] @ 282C42893C7CFAE7A1483F825C7B3C33.cache.js:65429:14
        StatefulCanvas.handleActivate(_1=>Obj, _2=>undef) on [ImgButton ID:isc_TabSet_0_addTabButton] @ ISC_Foundation.js:239:73
        StatefulCanvas.handleClick(_1=>Obj, _2=>undef) on [ImgButton ID:isc_TabSet_0_addTabButton] @ ISC_Foundation.js:240:13
        [c]EventHandler.bubbleEvent(_1=>[ImgButton ID:isc_TabSet_0_addTabButton], _2=>"click", _3=>undef, _4=>undef, _5=>undef) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2449:89
        [c]EventHandler.handleClick(_1=>[ImgButton ID:isc_TabSet_0_addTabButton], _2=>undef) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2281:50
        EventHandler._handleMouseUp(_1=>[object MouseEvent], _2=>undef) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2263:11
        [c]EventHandler.handleMouseUp(_1=>[object MouseEvent], _2=>undef) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2254:57
        [c]EventHandler.dispatch(_1=>[c]EventHandler.handleMouseUp(), _2=>[object MouseEvent]) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2544:122
        HTMLDocument.eval(event=>[object MouseEvent]) @ [no file]:3:123

    despite the warning, the event handler is triggered.

    SmartClient Ajax RIA system
    Version v12.1p_2023-05-19/Pro Deployment (2023-05-19)

    Is there any news on this issue?


      Hello, the best way to get a timely response to a report like this is to purchase support. If you don't do so, and you are using the free version of our product, your problem reports can end up queued up behind many other customers who have purchased support plans - they get priority!

      Note of course that we always jump on bugs that might affect many customers as well as free users. But we have to prioritize by both severity and by whether the report comes from a customer that is supporting the product.


        The warning you're seeing is harmless. In the upcoming releasing, AddTabClickedEvent has been deprecated and replaced with AddTabClickEvent along with the associated TabSet APIs, and when you switch to these the warning will be gone.