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    Attempt to use Messaging APIs without the optional Realtime Messaging module

    We recently purchased RealTimeMessaging.

    Invoice: 32185

    I replaced the two jars (isomorphic_js_parser.jar and isomorphic_realtime_messaging.jar) I downloaded from licensed package.

    Inlcuded below code:

    <inherits name="com.smartgwt.RealtimeMessaging"/>

    In -- web.xml

    <!-- //>RealtimeMessaging -->

    <!-- The MessagingServlet is used by realtime messaging -->





    <!-- //<RealtimeMessaging -->

    I am still getting below error. Not sure, if I am missing anything.

    20:50:41.368:MUP0:WARN:Log:java.lang.RuntimeException: Attempt to use Messaging APIs without the optional Realtime Messaging module. Verify that your license includes this optional module and that you have included the necessary client and server-side components in your project.

    Hi revanbhapri,

    can you see your browser loading the additional js file for messaging? Depending on how you are loading your JS files you might need to add this as well in your main html file.

    I'm not using messaging, but I know that in order to use messaging you'll need to load the respective js file. I can see the server showcase load ISC_RealtimeMessaging.js, which does not happen in my project without messaging.

    Best regards


      Yes, it is loading I can see

      <script src="harmony/sc/modules/ISC_RealtimeMessaging.js?isc_version=13.0p_2023-10-25.js"></script>


        Hi revanbhapri,

        OK, that's good. And the server also delivers the file, so it is a HTTP 200, correct?

        Best regards


          Note that this error message specifically means that the GWT Java Messaging code is present, but the JS file has not been loaded.

          You may simply need to manually run a GWT compile. GWT should have handled this automatically based on the module inherit, but often doesn't.


            Looks like it ws referring to my old jar files. After fresh build loading correctly.