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    DynamicForm has no way to customize if individual SelectItem pick lists autofetchData queue

    In 12.1, A DynamicForm of SelectItems issued individual fetches for SelectItem pickLists that were configured to autoFetchData=true. In 13.0 that looks to have changed. I'm seeing all the fetches getting queued. This is causing a time out for one of my more data challenged forms due to a couple lengthy queries for which there combined time is too great. If I set each SelectItem to not autofetch data, then each will individually complete on demain so that I can at least get pull down choices for users, just not optimally. Can you add a configuration API to allow me to go back to 12.1 functionality that does not queue.


    SmartClient Version: v13.0p_2024-01-20/PowerEdition Deployment (built 2024-01-20)

    Hello, what if you set autoFetchData=false on the slow SelectItem, and then (maybe in the initWidget) you issue a fetchData on that SelectItem?


      I don't see an initWidget() or similar on SelectItem, and DynamicForm::onInit() doesn't have a simple way to find the SelectItem (no getItems() method?) . But a DynamicForm.addDrawHandler(...) works as I can add it where the SelectItem is in scope for referencing it. Though a clugy work around, it will do if you guys don't take on the suggestion.