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    List Grid Scrolling Issue

    Hi All,
    I'm facing an issue with ListGrid Component. After applying the filter using this piece of code, I do see the filter is applied and my filter handler is getting called. When you do a horizontal scrolling to view other columns, the library detects the scroll event, and tries to redraw the filter editor. In the process of redrawing, it is removing filters not in the viewport, and the filter handler is fired with incorrect criteria. It happens only in lower resolution or adjust the browser zoom size, so that a column with the filter goes out of viewport. Appreciate your help.



    SmartGWT smartgwt-enterprise:13.0-p20220417
    Browser: Chrome/Edge

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'linearMode')
    at _3.isc_FormItem___mayShowHintInField [as $2257] (ISC_Forms.js:1406:211)
    at _3.isc_TextItem__mayShowHintInField [as $207e] (ISC_Forms.js:2103:1238)
    at _3.isc_FormItem__getShowHintInField [as $712] (ISC_Forms.js:1406:384)
    at _3.isc_TextItem__showValue [as $124t] (ISC_Forms.js:2188:101)
    at _3.isc_FormItem_setValue [as setValue] (ISC_Forms.js:1308:28)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_invokeSuper [as invokeSuper] (ISC_Core.js:303:162)
    at _3.isc_TextItem_setValue [as setValue] (ISC_Forms.js:2187:9)
    at _3.isc_FormItem_setCriterion [as setCriterion] (ISC_Forms.js:1457:6)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_invokeSuper [as invokeSuper] (ISC_Core.js:303:93)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_Super [as Super] (ISC_Core.js:295:170)
    at _3.setCriterion (ISC_Grids.js:2067:6)
    at _3.isc_DynamicForm_setItemValues [as setItemValues] (ISC_Forms.js:607:147)
    at _3.isc_DynamicForm__addItems [as $10l] (ISC_Forms.js:446:47)
    at _3.isc_DynamicForm_addItems [as addItems] (ISC_Forms.js:437:89)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_invokeSuper [as invokeSuper] (ISC_Core.js:303:93)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_Super [as Super] (ISC_Core.js:295:170)
    at _2.addItems (ISC_Grids.js:3637:587)
    at _3.isc_DynamicForm_addItem [as addItem] (ISC_Forms.js:476:276)
    at _3.isc_GridBody__updateEditItems [as $517] (ISC_Grids.js:772:190)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_invokeSuper [as invokeSuper] (ISC_Core.js:303:93)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_Super [as Super] (ISC_Core.js:295:170)
    at _3.$517 (ISC_Grids.js:3635:1685)
    at _3.isc_GridBody_redraw [as redraw] (ISC_Grids.js:755:22)
    at _3.isc_GridRenderer_redrawOnScroll [as redrawOnScroll] (ISC_Grids.js:239:13)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_invokeSuper [as invokeSuper] (ISC_Core.js:303:93)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_Super [as Super] (ISC_Core.js:295:170)
    at _3.isc_GridBody_redrawOnScroll [as redrawOnScroll] (ISC_Grids.js:770:130)
    at _3.isc_GridRenderer_scrollTo [as scrollTo] (ISC_Grids.js:237:130)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_invokeSuper [as invokeSuper] (ISC_Core.js:303:162)
    at _3.isc_GridBody_scrollTo [as scrollTo] (ISC_Grids.js:729:23)
    at _3.isc_ListGrid_syncFilterEditorScrolling [as syncFilterEditorScrolling] (ISC_Grids.js:1981:5)
    at _3.isc_ListGrid_bodyScrolled [as bodyScrolled] (ISC_Grids.js:1975:56)
    at _3.isc_GridBody_scrollTo [as scrollTo] (ISC_Grids.js:729:99)
    at _3.isc_Canvas_scrollToRatio [as scrollToRatio] (ISC_Core.js:3903:991)
    at _3.isc_c_Class_invokeSuper [as invokeSuper] (ISC_Core.js:303:162)
    at _3.isc_GridRenderer_scrollToRatio [as scrollToRatio] (ISC_Grids.js:227:296)
    at _3.isc_Scrollbar_thumbMove [as thumbMove] (ISC_Foundation.js:973:443)
    at _3.dragMove (ISC_Foundation.js:943:1517)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_bubbleEvent [as bubbleEvent] (ISC_Core.js:2495:89)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_handleEvent [as handleEvent] (ISC_Core.js:2176:354)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_handleDragMove [as handleDragMove] (ISC_Core.js:2393:145)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler___handleMouseMove [as $kz] (ISC_Core.js:2261:27)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler__handleMouseMove [as $kx] (ISC_Core.js:2250:244)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_handleMouseMove [as handleMouseMove] (ISC_Core.js:2250:11)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_dispatch [as dispatch] (ISC_Core.js:2594:122)
    at HTMLDocument.eval (eval at isc__makeFunction (ISC_Core.js:83:1135), <anonymous>:3:123)
    Last edited by c_balaji; 8 May 2024, 07:02.

    This looks like a long-fixed bug, and your build is two years old. Please update at


      Thanks for your response. I also tried with the latest LPGL version from this link below. I was able to reproduce the issue. On a related note, just for testing, if I substitute smartgwt jars in trial version from your website, it seems to be work fine, and no issues. Is it possible, the LPGL version has issues? Is the trial version an enterprise edition?

      Index of /builds/SmartGWT/13.0p/LGPL (
      Last edited by c_balaji; 10 May 2024, 07:26.


        The trial version (called the Eval version) has essentially all of the Enterprise Editions features, but it is never valid to try to mix files from different editions.

        Again, the symptoms you describe here are exactly the same as a bug fixed a long time ago, for which an automated test was created to ensure it could never be broken in that way again. As such, we're going to need very clear evidence that the problem is somehow back, especially since you do not have a Support contract.

        So, if you'd like this revisited, please create a standalone test case (as described below, and in the Debugging topic in the reference) demonstrating the problem, with clear instructions for how it is reproduced. In creating the test case, please make sure you test it in a standard build, outside of your application, with no mixing of files from different versions.

        At that point, we can take a look, even though you don't have Support.


          Thank you for the quick response. I used the LPGL version from the build site, and did not mix files. Regardless, I'll try to create a test case and share. Is it possible share when or which release, this issue was fixed? Thanks.


            It was fixed in releases back to 11.1, and the fix date is not relevant since you need to use the latest available to submit any valid bug report.