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    Selection of records in the grid is lost in certain cases

    using SmartClient Version: v8.3p_2013-08-10/LGPL Development Only (built 2013-08-10) and FF 20.0.1
    Modified Showcase: AutofitFilterSample

    I have problem with keeping the selection of records after filtering is performed.
    First i select some records, then i filter with some criteria, which results to an empty grid -> selection is kept
    Second scenario is when i filter with criteria, which results to an non empty grid (but it should not contain selected records) -> selection is lost

    Can this behavior be unified -> meaning selection is always kept ?

    Thank you
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    Selection is lost if selected records are dropped from cache.

    If you wanted to retain selection, you'd need to store some unique attribute of the selected records and look up the same records whenever the dataset changes, and call selectRecord().