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    How to get client-side exceptions in SuperDev mode like in Develpment Mode?

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I'm using SGWT v9.0p_2013-10-08/EVAL Deployment and I'm playing around with SuperDev mode. I got it up and running and it is really great with respect to start-up time and recompile time when it comes to test code changes. But it is far harder to debug in it (which of course is nothing you could change).
    In normal Development mode (using Eclipse + GWT Plugin with Firefox+Plugin) I get an error message like in the screenshot if I hit a null-pointer exception and can immediately deal with it.

    Is the same possible for SuperDev mode? So far the only thing to do I found is to set breakpoints and jump from breakpoint to breakpoint to see when the error occors.
    Also after I hit an error I can't see it in the SC Developer Console.

    Is there a way to get the Development Mode error messages seen in Eclipse somehow in SuperDev mode as well? I don't care where. Either SC Developer Console, Firefox, Chrome, Eclipse. I'd just like to see the offending line fast.

    I know that the communication in SuperDev mode is currently only "send SourceMaps to Browser", so most likely Eclipse won't be possible. Do you have any suggestions/best practices?

    Thank you & Best regards,
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    Hi Isomorphic (or everyone else),

    any suggestions or best practices on how to debug/find NPEs in SuperDev mode fast?