Using the VisualBuilder, I am creating a DynamicForm (Order) for which I want to display related records (OrderItems) in a ListGrid below the form.
Both (ListGrid and DynamicForm) are members of a VLayout (I tried both orders, ListGrid above DynamicForm and vice versa).
There is a foreign key for Order in OrderItems (like in the built-in example datasource).
Now, I cannot make the Order DynamicForm to trigger loading related OrderItems in the ListGrid below. I tried adding a FetchRelatedData Action to the itemChange event of the DynamicForm (I also tried other events and events on DynamicFormItems directly), but the VisualBuilder just tells me
Visual Builder couldn't find an automatic binding from event itemChange to action Fetch Related Data
I believe this should be possible somehow, right? But how?
Please advise if you need further information/demonstration.


SmartClient Version: v8.3p_2013-09-25/PowerEdition Deployment (built 2013-09-25)