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    Disabled filter issue

    We found issue with disabled filters. Please use modified from the attachments.
    1. Click inside Capital filter
    2. Drag capital Column header to the right to swap position with Continent column
    3. Click again inside Capital filter
    4. Disabled Continent filter should be showing ‘Europe’ as in attached image

    Reproduced on SmartClient Version: v8.3p_2013-11-06/LGPL Development Only (built 2013-11-06)
    Attached Files

    SmartGWT does not show the filter-criteria applied to canFilter:false fields in the filter editor by default. This is actually not something we consider a bug - it is not always desirable to show such non-editable criteria, especially when there are various cases where the raw filter value doesn't match the display value for the field, and the FilterEditor may not be configured to pick up the display value (may require a fetch from the server, etc).

    If you want to do this yourself, you could set canFilter to true on the field (within the grid, even though it's false with the dataSource), and use setFilterEditorType() to explicitly set the filterEditor to a StaticTextItem or BlurbItem instance, or similar.

    Alternatively, we could expand support for this within the framework. We would consider this an eligible feature sponsorship, but you should be aware this would be more than a trivial task as we'd be adding support for static rendering of all possible criterion to apply to a field (simple criteria, criteria for fields with separate display field [potentially requiring a server fetch], and expressions for advancedCriteria).

    Isomorphic Software


      I am not sure if I made it enough clear which filter behavior we consider as buggy and how we expect filter to behave the right way.

      We expect that canFilter:false fields will never show filter-criteria applied to them. The state of visible ’Europe’ filter-criteria in filter for Continent field we consider as a bug.
      Btw we will probably avoid this issue as we need to start using advanced criteria instead of simple criteria. In that case, when changing the columns positions the filter stays empty.


        Ah - looks like there may indeed be some confusion here as in our testing we are not seeing the disabled filter be populated with a value when we follow your steps.
        Can you please re-test with the latest nightly build in your branch and see if the problem persists.
        If so, please reiterate the steps you are taking to reproduce the problem with the attached test case.
        Also, please let us know which browser / OS you're seeing this behavior on.

        Isomorphic Software