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    Is it possible to somehow manage listgrid showprintpreview column widths?

    OK, so in my listgrids i am quite extensively setting column widths in order to fit as much information horizontally as possible.

    This is done through the usual setWidth-method in ListGridField.
    I leave some fields where the length is "dynamic" unset, so that they take up all horizontal column space left. this works fine in the browser.

    However, none of these widths are honored when calling the Canvas.showPrintPreview(), unfortunately, making it look really bad, many columns ending up way too wide, and sometimes splitting rows into two unnecessarily.

    I did a small cutout from my pages so that you can get an image of what i mean, see attached images please.

    My question is - is there any way to control how the widths are decided in the print preview? I don't HAVE to have absolute pixelation, but relative widths, at least.
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    Just trying a bump to see if someone has any thoughts on this subject.


      This is still an issue for us, so bumping in hope of someone more knowledgeable than me pitching in!