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    ListGrid edit by row - sorting lost after edit

    The common behavior for editing a sorted listgrid with listgrid.setEditByCell(false) is as follows:
    You sort a Listgrid by a field by clicking on a column header.
    Now you edit a row of the listgrid and change a value of the sorted field. The sorting is ignored while you are in edit mode, as expected.
    When you complete your editing, the listgrid will lose all sortspecifiers.
    Is it possible to keep the sorting of the listgrid and resort it after edit completed?

    See attachments. From Showcase Grids->Editing->Enter new Rows

    I do not want to lose the sortspecifiers after editing or insert a new row. So I managed it by saving the sortspecifiers by listgrid.getSort() in an EditorEnterEvent and apply them in EditCompleteEvent by listgrid.setSort. But this requires to handle changes in sorting while the row is in editmode.
    All in all it doesnít feel like the right way. Any suggestions?

    One can reproduce in current SmartGWT showcase Version 4.0p Built Thu Feb 13 11:10:00 GMT+100 2014
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    Hi Mr.Holds,

    please see and as starting point.

    Best regards,