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    ValueIcon align


    In new version of SmartGWT there is a change in displaying value icons.
    In 4.1 there is a span but in previous versions was img.
    Unfortunately with larger or different font than in showcase it doesn't look good. Browser aligns this elements in different way.

    To check this out try enlarging font on showcase with Firebug or other tool and look at TreeGrid menu.
    Than try changing vertical-align on image next to displayed text on this tree. With bottom instead of middle it looks more in a middle.

    My question is how can I change back to display value icons as img instead of span?

    In other case how can I change vertical align of this span from middle to bottom.

    Best regards
    Mariusz Goch


    For now I've found a simple workaround in CSS:
    span[eventpart=valueicon] {
    	vertical-align: bottom !important;
    Not elegant solution but it works.
    It could be awesome if this could be achieved with some items preferences.
    Best regards
    Mariusz Goch