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    DynamicForm enhancements: suggestions for empty fields, "required"-key

    Hi Isomorphic,

    at first I have to say that I just found the DynamicForm.setRequiredTitleSuffix(String suffix)-API, which I also wanted to suggest. Searching the docs and having the API saved me regexp-replacing all my ds.xml files. Thanks!

    I have the following two enhancements for DynamicForm and I'm pretty sure that they are not there, yet.

    Please see the login-form at There is a hint in light grey written in the input-element. I tells you about what you are expected to enter (email and password). Once you start typing, the hint is removed. If you backspace-remove your text, the hint appears again. Obviously, when saving/submitting the form, hints must not be transferred as data. It would be great if you could include this functionality and also make the text a .ds.xml-field-level property.

    The 2nd suggestion is a automatically generated last line for forms with at least one required field, which says as default "bold fields are required". Of course one could add one themselves every time, but it would be nice as feature. Perhaps this line could also always span the whole form-width (not just one column) and be a little smaller in font size than normal labels. Again, this is easily done on a per-form level, but would be great as feature.

    Thank you & Best regards,

    hi blama,

    with this method you can adjust the "hint" as requested.

    Best Regards from germany


      Hi Mirko,

      thanks for the hint. I only looked at the DynamicForm javadocs, not its members' javadoc.

      For reference, one can set this for DateItem, SelectItem, TextAreaItem, TextItem.

      It's also included in the showcase (should have looked there...):

      Best regards from Munich,