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    since we are talking about an ETA I don't think it really matters... You know.. when a developer says a deadline what he actually says is that the work will be almost done by that deadline so...


      The skin looks awesome.

      I'm building from SVN and noticed smartgwt.jar growing from 7.3 MB to 8.4 MB.
      That made me think it could be time to update my local installation of the showcase.
      I rebuilt, redeployed and ... bam !
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        Ditto. Well worth the wait, and the last step in migration away from GWT-EXT.


          Great work !!!
          Looks nice.

          I'm far from ending my migration from Ext-JS but that's helpfull.

          Thanks a lot


            is the newskin released??

            Well friends, I am a bit confused. Is the new skin available already for the normal smartclient library or is it just build and released for the smartgwt only because i cannot see it posted in the blog for download;-) I will be very grateful if someone clarifies:-)


              just downloaded the nightly build. Wow... I am really impressesd! This is a great job! When i'll got some time maybe learn how to do it and make an Ubuntu theme for smartGWT.


                Still needs final touches to beat Aero Glass theme from GWT-EXT/ExtJs

                I looked at latest night build. Looks impressive. Great Job.
                I think it still needs final touches to beat Aero Glass theme from GWT-EXT/ExtJs.

                Here is come critique (don't take it too seriously)

                1) I think Aero Glass let's you stay more focused on task

                2) Round corners of tabs and in other places create some unexpected visual
                artifacts cause radius is too big

                3) Table headers could be darker

                4) Tables need alteration of colors for even/uneven rows

                5) Alignment of icons in menus, window max/close icons and other places could have been better

                6) There is a need for forms with darker background like
       (in Aero Glass theme)

                7) Consistency (some buttons and field labels in showcase have
                inconsistent look and feel). Some are bold some are not

                8) Rich Text editor looks very different from rest of controls

                9) I also think font choice in GWT-EXT Aero Glass theme is more condensed
                (takes less space on a screen, esp in tables) yet it is more readable

                Overall SmartGWT "Enterprise" theme is it much better than older versions.
                I'm looking forward to be able to use this in real app.

                Thanks for your efforts,


                  @milkorad the new skin has been checked into SmartGWT SVN, that's why you see people talking about it already. We're also putting it together as a separate package for use with SmartClient 7.0 beta.


                    Thanks for the fast reply Isomorphic, I managed to take the skin from the commited files in smartgwt repository and tried to test it with the standalone smartclient library:-) It looks impressive and i really like to congratulate you for the wonderful work you have done:-) Just something I would like to point out- i tried to launch several test cases that you have on the demos page and they all worked fine except that when a checkbox is checked the bottom border of the square of the checkbox disappears;-) I know that the release is in very early stage but still wanted to draw your attention on that so that it becomes perfect :-) Still despite the little issue I pointed out everything works fine for now and again congrats on the great job you have done. Working with smartclient is very easy and intuitive for me evne though my background in javascript is not so good ;-) That proves that your library is a very good product and with the new skins it will be even better ;-) So keep up the good work!
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                      The new Enterprise skin is now available for people using SmartClient 7.0 beta as well.

                      If you don't already have the SmartClient 7.0 beta package dowload it here.

                      Download the beta version of the Enterprise skin here

                      Unzip the skin file into the smartclientSDK/isomorphic/skins folder of the package and set your bootstrap file to use the "Enterprise" skin in the loadISC tag or in the <SCRIPT SRC> that loads load_skin.js.


                        Grid View

                        There are a visible vertical line in right part of grids (Enterprise skin) when scroller is hidden (height of data rows less then grid's height). look at
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                          Slate &amp; Green Gwt-Ext Skins

                          Smart GWT looks really good with its features & tools, but other than Enterprise skin other skins are not speaking its powerful features.

                          We have used Slate and Green Skin in gwt-ext. Even though we have strongly recommended Smart GWT , without skins migration to smart gwt is out of box?

                          Is there any road map for getting Slate and Green skins in SmartGwt.




                            +1 Vote for very-Outlook style blue background theme

                            +Vote for very-Outlook style blue background theme.

                            Enterprise is too flat and my users don't like it.


                              any release date for the new blue skin?


                                bump: any release date for the new blue skin?