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    Best practice needed: Own "sales funnel" chart type

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I need to design a chart like the one in the attachment. I have the following technical key data:
    • Will be placed in a VLayout
    • No size changes (only if browser window size changes)
    • No background and no axxis
    • Slice count known at create-time and constant
    • Best would be if it were possible to set the data like "FacetChart.setData()"
    • Colors needed known at create-time (color-to-slice-mapping) and constant
    • Number value does not affect slice size
    • Legend (best: next to slice)

    Generally speaking it is similar to ChartType.COLUMN, but simpler.

    What is is suggested approach for this?
    Would it be possible for me to add this to ChartType (making e.g. a call like "FacetChart.setChartType(ChartType.FUNNEL)" possible)?
    I'm using 4.1p currently.

    Best regards,
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    For any kind of custom visualization, just start from DrawPane (FacetChart's superclass) and use various DrawItems to construct it.

    There is no need to modify the existing FacetChart class when creating this new visualization; the only existing FacetChart behavior that is nearly applicable to this visualization is the idea of a legend, but you want totally different behavior there as you've indicated.