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  • Blama
    Hi jtaber,

    this was recently asked, see this thread.

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  • jtaber
    started a topic ListGrid filter on multi-keystroke

    ListGrid filter on multi-keystroke

    v8.3_2012_11_20/LGPL Development Only (built 2012-11-20) on Firefox 26.0

    If I have a listgrid filter which is pre-populated with An array of Strings ['A', 'AS, 'AT', 'C', 'CA', CAT', and 'CATE'], I want the user experience to be that typing 'C' brings them to the entry 'C' and if they then type 'A' for the filter to be moved to 'CA'. As it is now, I get a seperate filter execution for 'C' and 'A' resulting in the filter being set to 'A'. I have reviewed the API and forums but did not see an answer.

    How do I configure the ListGrid to filter on the string representaion of all of the key strokes and not just the individual keystrokes?