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    Very Minor SmartGWT Quick Start Guide error regarding skins

    Hi Isomorphic,

    the QSG states:
    In your own project, you switch to a different theme by inheriting a GWT module in your .gwt.xml file. The default themes are found in the smartgwt.jar file included in the SDK under the package com.smartclient.theme. An IDE such as Eclipse will allow you to browse smartgwt.jar to find available themes. To switch themes, add an <inherits> tag with the fully qualified Java package name of the .gwt.xml file for the theme, after other Smart GWT inherits
    The skins are currently found in smartgwtee.jar/smartgwtpower.jar and smartgwt-skins.jar. smartgwt.jar is an empty file, at least for me (see screenshot).

    Best regards,
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    The correct locations are:

    1. the 3 recommended skins (Enterprise, Enterprise Blue, Graphite) are in the client-side .jar file for your edition:

    LGPL: smartgwt.jar
    Pro: smartgwtpro.jar
    Power: smartgwtpower.jar
    Enterprise or Evaluation: smartgwtee.jar

    2. the other 6 available skins are always in smartgwt-skins.jar regardless of your edition

    We'll address this in the QuickStart Guide.