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    Our tabbed app has stopped hiding v3-maps components this morning

    we have a tabbed smartGWT application. In some of the tabs we have maps, that we're displaying using the branflake-maps-v3 bridge for google-maps-v3.

    This has worked fine for over a year. This morning, clients started calling in saying that the maps were not shown/hidden, but stayed overlayed on top of the content in the other tab.

    We have not changed anything in production, the server has been running for 10 days. I tried last evening, it worked then. Went in this morning and could confirm the behaviour on chrome, safari, firefox.

    I'm not a javascript expert, nor a google-maps-v3 expert, so i'm a little bit at a loss as how to look at this. My best guess is that Google has changed something of course, so if anyone has any pointers, i'd be super happy.

    I'm happy to provide a demo-login to our site if any isomorphic-person (or someone else) wants to take a look.

    We're running 4.1p in prod and gwt 2.6.1. Upgraded to 5.0 and 2.7.0 in test, still same issue.