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  • hickum
    I agree this seems like a very clean approach... with the exception of having to alter the DSProtocol class.

    Isomorphic -- any chance this will be included in a future build?

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  • jasonzhang2002
    This is a much clear implementation.



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  • alius
    Working example of GWT-RPC data source.

    Hi again.
    As promised - uploading working example of GWT-RPC data source.

    files in client package:

    files in server package:

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  • alius
    started a topic GWT-RPC DataSource implementation

    GWT-RPC DataSource implementation

    [from Isomorphic: we strongly recommend against using GWT-RPC for reasons listed in the FAQ. The approach is this thread should only be used as a temporary solution and only if you have a large set of pre-existing GWT-RPC services]

    Hi All,
    After some testing already provided GWT-RPC data source implementation (sticky post) (it was good starting point) I've decided to write my own. After reading post on how to implement Google Gears ( ) I've realized that SmartClient already has possibility to use custom servers to load data. After checking SmartClient sources I've found protocol (which is not included in smartGWT) - "clientCustom". Using this protocol in data source allows to call custom server on data operations. It is done by overriding transformRequest method. When protocol is set to "clientCustom" - SmartClient after calling transformRequest method expects call of method processResponse after asynchronous call to server finishes.
    The only thing is missing - possibility to set "clientCustom" protocol in smartGWT.
    Here is what you can do:
    - download smartGWT sources
    - edit file main/src/com/smartgwt/client/types/ - add these lines just after enumeration declaration :
         * should be poplulated by custom call to server in transformRequest method. transformRequest should issue async request
         * to server and call processResponse on completion with created DSResponse object. If call was successful status and data should be filled.
         * If call was unsuccessful only status should contain error code.
    - build your own smartGWT as it is described in

    I really hope that smartGWT developers will include it in future releases.

    Please find attached implementation of GWT-RPC data source
    Working example with real GWT RPC services I will upload in next response - can not upload more than 5 files.

    Any comments are welcome.

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